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After moving to my home in Jadavpur, I suffered from knee pain. I am 69 years old and retired. I asked a lot of people for the recommendation on joint pain treatment and pain management clinics in Kolkata. Out of the recommendations, I short listed 3 clinics. One of them was Zilaxo. I tried the other two clinics first to see what would happen. The treatment I got was not up to the the mark. I wasted 2 years going there. Then my daughter told me to try out Zilaxo. I was not excited as I did not trust Homeopathy. Anyways, I went there. The behavior was highly professional and polite and efficient. I was given meds and physiotherapy. After 3 months of Zilaxo treatment, I am now feeling much better. I will continue the treatment. I hope my review Zilaxo has helped you.