Ritik Das || 85******23

I am taking treatment since June for my neck pain an I am satisfied with how well the clinic is run. I am a salesman so my pain was very bad and I could not focus on my work. I was always worried that the pain would get worse. I tried to ignore the pain but it got worse. On facebook I saw a pamphlet published by Zilaxo. They said that they can stop joint pain. I thought that I cannot ignore the pain and went to the ultadanga branch. Doctor went through the medical reports and and prescribed medicines. They also told me to get therapy for 3 days a week. After 4 weeks my pain was reduced by about 50%. I am now taking therapy and taking medicines for more than 2 months and my pain has come down a lot. The doctors say that it will only take 2 months for the pain to go away completely. I now feel confident that I will be healthy in the near future.